Where’s The Bus?


Tracking the bus is easy! You can follow the bus using the map displayed or by clicking on the link below. If the map is displaying “nobody currently in the group” or “expired” then it’s not available. The bus normally runs Monday – Saturday. The Bus begins its ROUTE at George & Dragon English Tavern in Cocoa Village. Departs at NOON and Drives through Cocoa Village and heads East on 520 through Merritt Island towards Cocoa Beach, takes A1A south to the Minuteman area, loops around and heads north through Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral and Port Canaveral, Then we hop on 528 head west and get off on Courtenay Pkwy, head south through Merritt Island and back on 520 and back into Cocoa Village. It’s roughly a 2 hour loop.

What can you bring?

You can bring a small 6 pack cooler and anything you like on the bus. We are just like a limo. Although we promote our guests to purchase from our advertising partners. We just want you to have FUN!

Track the Bus Now

Route Information

Rough Time Estimate is

  • Cocoa Village: Noon
  • Cocoa Beach: 12:45pm-1pm
  • Cape Canaveral: 1pm-1:30pm
  • Cocoa Village: 2pm

And so on throughout the day until 10pm

The “stops” are dictated by our partner/advertisers. So if you want to see a particular place added to our stops, forward this to them and ask them to partner with us! New restaurants, bars, resorts, shops and businesses added DAILY! So please continue to follow us! You can choose to stay on and Ride the whole route while hopping ON and OFF at any of our Partner Stops to enjoy a beverage OR you can hop off and stay in an area of your choice to enjoy multiple options and hop back on in about two hours when the bus comes back around. ALSO – We offer private Special Events so the bus will be pulled off route every now and then. SUNDAYS are reserved exclusively for Special Events and will not be running the regular route.
Contact us to pick a date to reserve the bus for your special event!